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Wasted Song Lyrics


Movie Name: Vikram (2022)
Song Name: Wasted – Song Lyrics
Music: Anirudh Ravichander
Singer: Anirudh Ravichander
Lyricist: Heisenberg

Im So Wasted…
I Had 3 Shots Of JD
And 4 Shots Of Gin

They Have Must Be In My Belly
Imma About To Win
Im Freaking Drunk
Im So Wasted…


Tequila In The Glass
Problems Solven Your Hand
Just Put In Your System
And You Are The Strongest Man

Ah Ah Aaaha

I M Sober Now
No Thats A Lie
Im So Wasted
I See, Calling In The Sky
My Head Is Spinning-Around
Sombody Help Me Now
Im Falling To The Ground
Im Freaking Drunk

Oh Noo.. Im So Wasted
I Wanna Let Shot Of Wishky
And A Beer & Jazzz
Take That And Odds For In All Over My Bass.. Yeah
Ah Ah Aaaha

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